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Standalone access control with built-in relay Built-in ID card reader Password capacity up to 8 groups 1 touch user recognition Read fingerprint/password/RFID card Rugged and elegant design

Fingertec FACE-ID3

Face ID 3 is FingerTec’s advanced face recognition terminal. Building on the facial recognition technology, Face ID 3 uses high quality infrared cameras to scan your facial features and verify your identity. Face ID 3 is designed to cater to the demand for a contactless...


Kadex is an access control & time attendance card reader system that supports card ID, a 5-digit password, or a combination of both. The entire Kadex series consists of Kadex, m-Kadex which is a simpler version of Kadex without an LCD screen and keypad, and...

FingerTec R2

FingerTec R2 is an access control and time attendance machine, designed to manage door access security at your office premise. This biometrics verification machine flexibly supports variety of identity authentication including fingerprint, card, password and their combinations before granting access to your restricted areas. Sleek...


Composite algorithm system with high speed operating Embedded LINUX system, easy to integrate into various system Standalone or network environment Professional access control system support real-time entrance logs transferring Saves data during power outage With strong seal appearance, anti-dust

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