FingerTec R2


FingerTec R2 is an access control and time attendance machine, designed to manage door access security at your office premise. This biometrics verification machine flexibly supports variety of identity authentication including fingerprint, card, password and their combinations before granting access to your restricted areas.
Sleek yet user-friendly, R2 does not only provide users with aesthetic value but it also offers them convenience with the hi-tech one-fingerprint-one-second verification speed. Having R2 system in place, it heightens the level of security and automates access activities data collection simultaneously. Each activity at the machines will be instantly recorded for monitoring and audit purpose, providing you with a safer environment and intact accurate records at all times.

FingerTec R2 comes with the powerful complementary software for door access and time attendance, Ingress, and its firmware is using Linux, which offers a more flexible operating system to customize features and it is more responsive in handling daily operations and data flow. Data portability in R2 has been made simple with several communication options available including TCP/IP, RS232, RS485 Cable, and USB.


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